Applying for a new registration

Deregistration at the registration office is very important.
They will then provide you with a written confirmation of your deregistration that will be required when you
register at your new residents’ registration office to where you are moving.

  • Deregister children fom school
  • Vehicle de- and register
  • cancel current postal power of attorny
  • Fill out change of address order form at the post office.


When registering at your new residents’ registration office, it is sufficient for one adult to provide the authorities with the certificate of deregistration and all necessary personal identification documents for the entire family. The internal revenue service, labor office, Health Insurance Company, school / kindergarten must also be informed. Renew your auto registration and tags. Also, do not forget to switch utility services to the new address.


  • Military personnel must inform their proper authorities within 8 days of their change of address.
  • Retirees and recipients of government allocated child benefits should inform the proper authorities of their change of address and inform all concerned of your new bank account (if necessary)
  • Inform newspapers, magazine subscriptions, etc. of your new address
  • this of course applies for your insurance companies