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Bärbel aylor

“Thousand And One Colors”

Her love of painting came by means of her mother. Even as a child, Bärbel Taylor, who was born in Wuerzburg-Heidingsfeld in 1956, didn’t want to do anything else besides paint. The enthusiasm she had for artists from Jugoslavia led her to naive painting. Encouraged by her mother, Ms. Lore Wanders, who was a student of Mr. Heiner Dikreiters (founder of the City Gallery of Wuerzburg / Städtische Galerie Würzburg), and by Mr. Dr. Hannswernfried Muth (the gallery’s former director), who early on arranged an exhibition for her there, she began developing her own style. Her love for even the smallest detail shows in numerous paintings of her home town Wuerzburg, in fairytale illustrations and fantasy motives.
She illustrated in her book „Liebes Würzburg” her mother’s childhood memories and in the poetry collection from Ms. Corneial Boese, “Von Räubern, Feen und goßen Geistern” Three illustrations were published in editions of the magazine “Brigitte”. Her illustrations have found many interested people even in America, Japan and neighboring European Countries.
Baerbel Taylor designed posters for the sales fair for the Wuerzburg Market Square and displayed her work to include but limited to USA (California and Texas).


  • public library of Würzburg 1976
  • municipal gallery of Würzburg 1978
  • Gallery RadegundisVillinger-Schmeller, Würzburg
  • Pacific Grove, California 1985
  • San Antonio, Texas · 1992, 1994
  • Mainfranken Messe Würzburg · 1995
  • public library Wuerzburg-Heidingsfeld 1976
  • Residential Home St. Paul, Wuerzburg –Heidingsfeld 1998
  • public library Wuerzburg-Heuchelhof 1999
  • MKD – Medizinischer Dienst der Krankenversicherungen, Würzburg · 1999


Illustrations from Bärbel Taylor from the book “Burglars, Fairies and large Ghosts” – Wuerzburg´s artstories from Ms. Cornelia Boese

Live and love

Poetry from Gabriele Hammer

Gabriele Hammer, born 1951 in Wallduern, studied primary education at the Bavarian Julius- Maximilian-University Wuerzburg. In 1974 she started school service and taught until 1998 at different elementary schools. In 1994 she became a vice principal. Visiting many countries of this world inspired her to write. So the photos that illustrate this book of poems emerged.

If interested please contact:
Gabriele Hammer
Am Wald 8A
97082 Würzburg
Tel.: (0931) 7 84 59 49
Email: ghammer@walk-umzuege.de

Upon request cards with many further subjects are available.
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